Headache Blend

Herbal Blend Tea



Instructions for Infusions: To get the most out of the essential properties of the blend offer us, infuse them by taking 1 teaspoon of herb to 1 cup of boiled water, pour the hot water over the herbs, cover, steep 15 mins. 1hr., strain and enjoy. Drink 2-4 cups daily or as directed by a health care provider.

Ingredients: Burdock root, Feverfew herb, Lavender flowers, Rosemary leaf, Skullcap herb and Thyme leaf.

This Herbal Blend: This blend help prevent migraine headaches, but the effects are usually not noticed for several weeks and vary among individual migraine sufferers. Also have allergies, sinus or asthma and rheumatism. Herbal medicine has an impress track record in helping migraines and chronic headaches.

Weight 3 oz


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