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14 – Day Spring Detox Package

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Spring is a season of renewal and rejuvenation.
It’s also the perfect time to detoxify your body.
This is one of the many reasons why spring is the
best time of the year to do a cleanse or gentle detox.

Here is a list of herbal  blends to start your 14-Days Spring Detox:
• Colon Cleanse Capsules
• Liver Gallbladder Blend
• Strong Liver Blend
• Wormout Bitters
• Root Bark Bitters
• Kidney Bladder Capsules
• Adrenal Support Powder
• Blood Cleanser Capsules
• Yeast Formula #1 Capsules
• Yeast Formula #2 Capsules
• Pau d’ Arco Bark Capsules

You will get instructions on how to use the items once your purchase.

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