Another one of Zola's Original Herbal Remedies workshops you don't want to miss!



Kidney Workshop - Zola's Original Herbal Remedies

Another one of Zola's Original Herbal Remedies workshops you don't want to miss!


Your kidneys are yours for life!
It's important to learn how to take care of them!

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May 22nd - May 25th, 8:00 PM -10: 00 PM EST

Kidney Workshop - Zola's Original Herbal Remedies

Your Kidneys are often the deciding factor of whether you will develop disease or not!
It is time to arm yourself with knowledge about Kidney Health.

Come learn the basics about the kidneys and what they do.

Your kidneys are the main channels of elimination for your body.
All of our trillions of cells produce waste each and every day.
The job of the kidneys is to eliminate these wastes and toxins. When these wastes are not eliminated, we then see all kinds of diseases showing up in the body!

The sad truth is, we often go through life without thinking about the health of the kidneys, until it is too late, and our kidneys require dialysis.

An estimated 1 in 10 adults in the United States has Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)

This means that their kidney’s ability to filter toxins from the body has been impaired for more than three months.

Despite the prevalence of kidney disease, many people are unaware that they even have it.

Unfortunately, kidney disease does not simply go away; left untreated, unhealthy kidneys can lead to a buildup of toxins in the blood and bodily tissues.

Ultimately, this can increase one’s risk of heart disease and stroke—among other conditions.

In this zoom workshop, we will break down the risk factors involved and discuss the many sorts of holistic care tactics that can help you reduce your risk and identify the symptoms while the disease is in its early stages.

• What is chronic kidney disease?
• What causes chronic kidney disease?
• What are the symptoms of kidney disease?
• Protecting Your Kidneys with Diet, Exercise, and Lifestyle Changes
• Finding Help for Chronic Kidney Disease
• Why we shouldn’t rely on getting someone to donate one of their kidneys
• Learn ways to see if your kidneys are unhealthy right now, so you can do something about it!
• What herbs to help detoxify the kidneys and restoring their function
• The best and most potent herbal formulas that can help support the healing of the kidneys
• Learn how Dehydration=damaged kidneys and how to avoid that.
• Learn about the number one food in the world that heals the kidneys and keeps them
  in proper functioning order!
• What does Stress and Lack of Sleep has to do with poor kidney health
• What the importance of kidney filtration
• What should your urine look and smell like?
• Learn how is the kidneys are tied to the lymphatic system
• Why we should make sure our adrenal glands are working in tip top shape to maintain kidney health
• How following the wrong diet will stop kidney filtration
• The worst foods that stop kidneys filtration
• Types of Kidney Diseases causes and how to avoid them
• Understanding the connection poor Kidney health and Diabetes
• Why Blood Pressure increase with Kidney Failure
• Diabetes, heart disease, various cardiovascular diseases, being very overweight and so on.
  They can all cause our kidneys to struggle and, eventually, fail.

The Different Stages of Kidney Failure

Why we have to work with first the underlying cause – the condition that gave rise to their allegedly untreatable kidney condition in the first place.

If You Have any of these signs you cannot miss this Workshop!

  1. Do you have bags under your eyes? This is a dead giveaway that someone has kidney problems.
  2. Do you have mid-to-low back aches, stiffness, or pains on either side?
  3. Do you have any swelling going on in your body? Your feet? Puffy Face?
  4. Do you have any skin conditions? Example: unexplainable itching, redness of the skin, skin allergies, skin problems like acne, eczema, psoriasis or irritations?
  5. Do you have trouble holding your bladder? Is your urine flow restricted?
  6. Are you fatigued often throughout the day?

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