Our store offers life enhancing skills to impart deep wellness and vitality in health. Our quality and outstanding organic herbs, herbal products, herbal programs and short workshops are offered as a foundational, traditional, and clinical herbalism for your life that you can enjoy with confidence. We serve the community and everyone with the wisdom to heal yourself and to expand your vision towards a healthier lifestyle.




Pamela Brown


I had surgery and my abdomen swelled up to the point where I looked like I was seven months pregnant. I used the Lymphatic Tea two times and I saw an instant change. I would recommend it.

Angie Thomas


Took the To Have A Baby Tea for approximately one month and I’m happy to report that I am now pregnant and couldn’t be any happier. The tea actually tasted good!

Shorba R.


My husband broke his tribia bone and within 5 weeks his bone began healing with the Regenerative Support capsules.

Barbara Brooks


The Hot Flash Tea has helped me sleep better without feeling hot and sweaty at night. I’ve noticed the difference on the second day. My first day I drank 2 cups and the second day I had 3 cups. The tea has a good and pleasant taste. It really works!

Annakaye Shorter


Coming from 210 pounds taking Colon Cleanse and Weight Loss Vinegar now I am down to 169 pounds in less than one month.

Eileen Besley


I purchased the Pancreas Tonic it is a very good product. It stopped my craving for sweet which makes sweet things taste “extremely sweet”. Now there’s no desire for it.

Ayana Muir


I used the Regenerative Ointment and it has successfully got rid of scars on my face as well as scratches. It is also excellent to use as an after shave on the pubic area. It successfully prevented irritation bumps and rashes.

Theresa Walker


I have been taking the Block Tube Tea for uterus cleansing for six months to unblock my tubes. After six months, I went back to the doctor for hysterosalpingogram and found out both of my tubes were unblocked. Through prayer and this herbal remedy I am on my way to having a child!

Gwendolyn Kesselly


The Colon Cleanse had help relieve me from constipation, which I suffer from time to time. I do not feel the stomach cramp that I used to have and I do feel my wight is changing. I have recommended this product to my friends and my daughter started using it and she states that it is working great for her.

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